The postal domiciliation at the Business Center " l’Espace Entreprise" of Montpellier will give you the opportunity of giving a legal and tax adress to your company in the heart of a very well known business district locally as well as nationally while minimizing the costs generated by Professional buildings or offices. Also this domiciliation will allow you to increase the visibility of your business with your local partners, suppliers and clients by giving you and adress easily reconizable in the heart of a booming district, le Millénaire, and a booming city, Montpellier. The area is perfectly situated in the main communications channels of Southern Europe and the Mediterranean Basin.


    Business Center
    L’Espace Entreprise
    of Montpellier

    Company Hosting and Postal Domiciliation, Trade Offices, Local Representation.

Yous domiciliation contract will create the official adress of your company ; it will give you the possibility to obtain your registration at the Registre du Commerce et des Sociétés (Registry of Trade) and/or à la Chambre des Métiers (Chamber of Trade). It also gives you the possibility to register a local branch. Your domiciliation contract is established for 3 months, tacitly renewed.

Your Domiciliation adress may of course appear on the invoices, business cards, letterheads, checkbook and any other official document of your company.


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