The respect of the private life is one of the priorities of "L'Espace Entreprise Montpellier". You must read and accept the rules before using our services.
This settlement covers the websit

The basic principles of the regulation of L’Espace Entreprise Montpellier, Convergence Medias  on the respect of privacy are the following:

L’Espace Entreprise Montpellier, Convergence Medias  will neither sale or rent the informations about you and wil disclose it only in accordance with its rules on respect of the privacy and/or with your permssion.

We share your information with third parties to provide better services, to allow other member to contact you, to enforce our Terms of use and to maintain securty withi the website community.

The third parties are not athorised to sell the informations we are sharing, neither to disclose it without your consent.

If any company than L’Espace Entreprise Montpellier, Convergence Medias  are accessing to your informations in acordance with the respect of the private life rules it will be required to protect such informations at least as strict as L’Espace Entreprise Montpellier, Convergence Medias .

On L’Espace Entreprise Montpellier, Convergence Medias , you can update at any time your informations.
You choose to receive or not all or part of the communication that L’Espace Entreprise Montpellier, Convergence Medias  wish to send you by updating your Member space.

L’Espace Entreprise Montpellier, Convergence Medias implements the protection of confidentiality to secure your information.

L’Espace Entreprise Montpellier, Convergence Medias  applies a principle of zero tolerance towards unsollicited commercial email by third parties.
If you are selecting your login space (my infos) L’Espace Entreprise Montpellier, Convergence Medias  will notify you of any change of its rules over the respect of the private life in which case it will be possible to reject such change.
If you have any question relating to the respect of the privacy you can cotact our services by the "Contact" Link.

The actual Regulation over the Privacy is an integral part of the Term of Use of the services from "L’Espace Entreprise" Montpellier, Convergence Medias .

The last modification of the present over the respect of privacy has been made on the january, 7th 2007

1. The special case of the children
Our services arerestricted to those legally able to sign contracts in French Laws. Our services are not available to minors under 18 years old and who, therefore, should not provide us informations concerning them.

2. Data Collected
The first goal of the personal data collection is to provide you an efficient and personalized service likely to meet your needs and to help you to use our services easily and quickly.

In général,you can navigate on our website without to have to give your identity or not to provide any sort of information. To use our services (notably to bid, to buy, to sell,etc), you must however fill the online registration form, where you must provide your contact details, informations necessary to your invoicing (if you are selling), necessary informations to the delivery you are buying, as well as any other personal informations as indicated on the diverse forms to collect informations in different parts of the site. For each field of informations , we strive indicate if it must necessarly be informed or is rather an optional information> You always have the possibility to do not transmit an information by choosing to do not use the service or the function for which this information is required.

Under certain circumstances we may need to ask you other financial information, such as your credit card number in order to verify your identity. However you are never forced to give us your credit card number, an alternative solution will be proposed.

We are automaticaly recording some datas relative to our habits on our site. We are using this datas internly to make statistics on our users, their interest and their behaviour always aiming to offer a etter service. This dats are stores and analysed as the whole and may include the URL that you just visited, the one on which you are about to go (weither this URL are on our websites or not, the navigator you are using and your IP adress.

Also we are using cookies on some pages of our website. The cookies are stored on your hard drive and not on our website and which are allowing notably to provide you targeted informations depending of your interests. Some our services are available only by using cookies. The cookie is avoiding for example you to have to enter your password too often during a session. They may also be used in order to improve the security of the site or for identification. However the most of the cookies de not last only the time of the connection session and are automaticaly erased at the end of it. You cab also of course refuse the cookie if your navigator allow it but in this case some of our services will not be accessible and you will have to enter your passcode more often during a session.

Furthermore the cookies might have been placed on certain pages by third parties. For example if you are visiting a page created by anoher user it is possible that a cookie was inserted in this page. We do not exercise any control on the use of cookies by third parties.

We are recording also datas related to your bidding, buying or selling habits. On the same way we are recording evaluation of other users about you in our user profiles.

We can build a personal folder about you containing the correspondance that you are sending us such as your emails or letters or any other correspondance from other users or third parties about your activities on our website or your contribution to our website.

If you are using the services of a company we are partner with (a Partner), the Partner may provide us informations about you and relatives to its operations with you as indicated more detailed in the article 4 below.

3. The use of your datas
In addition to the inforations contained in our files about you we are using informations obtained about you from your present and past activities on ur website to solve any dispute to solve any problems and enforce our Terms of Use. If necessary we may make any reconciliations between several user to detect and solve the problems, particularly by using your datas in order to detect the users working with multiple identities and aliases.

If you are choosing to sell items we will use your postal adress or your email adress tout provide you useful information.

You are accepting that we are using your personal datas to improve our marketing and promotional efforts to make statistics on the use of our website to impove our content and our offer and to personalize the content, the presentation and the services offered and that in order to better satisfy the needs of our users by improving our website.

We can also use your datas (email adress, postal adress, phone number) to transmit your informations which in certain case in function of your interest or informations about new services offer, to promotions, to your use and to the administration of the site. By accepting the Terms of Use of our services, you are excepting expressly to receive these informations. If you wish to do not recive some of these informations, you can choose a different option on the "My Page" infos.

4. The distribution of your datas
Our goal is to protect the confidentiality of your personal datas.So we have implemented appropriate measures to ensure the best protection. Despite our efforts we cannot unfortunately to ensure that your private communication and other personal datas will not be released in another way than by the ones under the rules of the Regulation on the Respect of the Privacy. For example ( and with no limitation to the foregoing) we may have to communicate informations to the authorities or to third parties in certain circumstances, or third parties could maliciously and ilegally intercept and have access to your transmissions or your private communications.

Also althought we implement important safety and confidentiality measures to protect your personal datas, there is always a risk that these datas as well as your private communications are intercepted by a third party.

We have as a general rule to do not sell or assign to anyone the personal datas provided by our users. The development which are following describes the framework within which we can provide this data however this datas.

4.1 The Community L’Espace Entreprise Montpellier, Convergence Medias
You are identified by your alias during your session on our website. The other users can see the items on which you have bidded and those you have bought in the past, your profile and the evaluations associated to it, the messages that you have left on the website, etc. We are offering other means to the sers to identify you and follow the your activity on the website, by for example offering them to see all he items that you have put for sale at any given time. So if you disclose at the same person your name associated to your alias, this person will be able to identify personally your actvity on the website. Even if some of our pages are inaccessible to search engies it is possbile that third parties are seeking to capture your email adress from our website. We are explaining you to change your alias in the article 8 below.

When you are a buyer or a bidder, we are communicating numerous personnal informationsto the seller in order to ease the conclusion of the transaction (details, delivery adress,etc.).Also when you are a seller we are communicating numerous informations to the bidders (details,payment adress, banking details forthe payment, etc.).

4.2 Providers of internal services
We might use third parties as providers to use our services (for example, research, discussion forum, studies) to whom we might communicate your personal detais. We are strcitly controlling their access and use rights and the communication of your personal datas. In particular a confidentiality agreement is forbidding them except express authorisation from you, to sell or assign your personal datas to third parties or to use it for other purpose than the providing of the services that they provide us.

In certain cases the service provider can collect informations directly to you (like when we are asking them to run a study on behalf of L’Espace Entreprise Montpellier, Convergence Medias ). In thise case you are warned of the ole of the provider and you have the choice to communicate your personal datas> if you are communicating diectly these additionnal informations their use is governed by the rules on the respect of privacy applicable.

4.3 Court Claims

We are responding to request from the judicial authority and third parties to enforce the law, the intellectual property rights and other rights. We can (and you are authorising to) communicate any information concerning you to the representatives from the law or the administration if we are estimating necessary or approriate because of an inquiry into a fraud, counterfeiting, piracy, or any other illegal use or which could see our responsability engaged.

Besides we might (and you are authorizing us to) comunicate your alias, and your name, your full adress, phone number, email adress, email adress and your company's details in the case where the cricumstances that we would know would make such communication necessary or appropriate due to a claim we would be seazed, of an enquiry on a fraud, a counterfeiting, piracy, or any illegal use.

5. Your use of the datas about other Members of L’Espace Entreprise Montpellier, Convergence Medias
To ease th interaction between the members of the community, our services are allowing you to have access to certain details concerning other users. Moreover, as a seller, you wil receive by email the alias and other informations about the buyer or about the best bidder(s) such as their details and delivery adress. If you are the best bidder or buyer, you will receive by email, the personal details, the alias, the email adress and other informations about the seller.

By accepting ou Term of Use, you are accepting regarding the personal datas obtained on our site or trough us to use only this informations :

a. for communication directly linked with your activity on L’Espace Entreprise Montpellier, Convergence Medias  ;
b. or for commnications directly linked with the use of a service of a Partner offered through the website of L’Espace Entreprise Montpellier, Convergence Medias  (escrow eg) ;
c. or for any other use to which the member concerned has agreed expressly, after having been duly informed.

It is formally forbiden to send unsollicited commercial messages to other members.

In any case,you wust guarantee to other members a right of opposition, access and the retification of the informations you are detaining about them. Moreover you cannot, except particular case mentioned in this paragraph, communicate the personal datas of other users to third parties without our consent and those of the concerned users.

Our users and ourselves do not tolerate the abusive mailing of emails and letters. Without any limitation of what is forgoing you are not authrized to record in your computerized files the adress (elctronic or not) of a user who did not give you its express consent even he was the best bidder on what of your items.

If you are victim of an unsollicited commercial message, thanks to warn us by using the form providedin your personal profile.

6. Advert Routing service to a friend
It is forbidden to use the advert routing service to a friend or any other service delivery for any abusive sending of emails or postal mail or at any contrary purpose to our term of use.

We are not using the email adresse that you communicating to us in any ohter goal than to send you emails. we are not renting or sellingyhese email adresse.

7. The mastering of your password
You are responsible of any action undertaken with the aid of your alias and password, including the payment of comissions. Accordingly never communicate your password to third parties>By losing your password your are risking to also lose the control of your personal datas and to be held by the obligations cotracted in your name. Please note that L’Espace Entreprise Montpellier, Convergence Medias  will not ask you by email to provide personal informations such as your password, your credit card number or banking details. If you are receiving an email asking you to update your informations, please contact us before to answer. If your password has been communicated to third parties, change it immediately.

8. Access rights and rectification of your personal datas
Accordingly to french legislation in force and especially the law of january, 6th 1978 called "Informatique et Libertés" (Computer and Freedom) you have an access, a rectification and an opposition on your personal datas right and notably on :

your alias and you email adress. If you are changing your alias we are keeping your ancient pseudo as well as the new one;
your name, as well as your company, your adress, city, postcode, country, phone number, your sex
your password.
You agree to update this information if necessary by using the means made available for this purpose on our site.

Once displayed you cannot modify a message posted in our online discussion forum, or any other slot for this purpose. You may however post a new message in order to make any correction, additional information or precision to your initial message.

On your demand we will close the account and your details and financial informations will not appear any more in our active database. You may adress your demand to our services. This demand will be taken in account as soon as possible accordingly to our policy of deleting and to the applicable laws.

We will keep in our systems some informations on the sole purpose to solve any dispute, any problem and to enforce our Term of Use. We might notably keep yourinformations linked to the execution of the contract during a certain duration in order to prevent any risk of fraude or to allow to comply to the legal applicable dispositions.Thus for technical reasons and of safeguard ou systems, the personal datas concerning you will stay in our databases after your deletion request and this in conformity with legal requirements in this domain. These datas will not be accessible online.

9. Other data collectors
The present Regulation of the respect of privacy do not concern, except special case, the use and the communication of the datas that we have collected to you. This do not apply to the se and the communication of your personal datas to third parties either they are bidders, buyers or sellers on our website or other in the measure that you are communicating it to them. AdvertiLe présent Règlement sur le Respect de la vie privée ne concerne, sauf exception, que l'utilisation et la communication des données que nous avons collectées auprès de vous. Elles ne s'appliquent pas à l'utilisation et à la communication de vos données personnelles à des tiers, qu'ils soient enchérisseurs, acheteurs, ou vendeurs, sur notre site ou sur d'autres, dans la mesure où vous les leur communiquez. The advertisers have also their own Regulation about the Respect of Privacy that we are recommanding you to aknowledge before communicating your informations.

10. Security
We implement various security measures to protect the confidentiality your personal datas against the loss and the access without authorization of internal or external from the company user. However be aware the perfect security does not exist on Internet.

11. Notification
We reserve to ourselves the possibility to modify the actual Regulation of the Respect of the Privacy in function of the comments and the evolution of the rules that we are applying to the collect and the disclosure of th data. Any modification made to this Regulation aout the protection of the privacy will come into force in a 30 days delay in order to allow you to inform L’Espace Entreprise Montpellier, Convergence Medias that you are not accepting this modifications, in which case the contract formed by the General Term of se and the present regulation and your right of use our services will be terminated within 30 days.