• Business Depatment Montpellier

    Postal Domiciliation and Office Spot rental.

  • Rental department Montpellier

    Rental offices and Meeting/ Training Rooms with all the facilities.

  • management department Montpellier

    Management Assistance, secretariat, Management Consulting, …

  • Communication Department


    Printing Services, Gaphic Design and Street Marketing.

  • Business Center
    in montpellier
  • To give efficiency to your projects.
    Some concrete solutions to optimize your resources.
    We wil help you to reduce and control your fix costs.
Because of its various experience in different fields the Business Center "l’Espace Entreprise" of Montpellier is offering you a wide range of services and solutions to help you to find the best response to your needs in terms of Company Hosting, Consulting, Management and Comunication.

Business Center

From your business start up to the sale and promotion of your products and services, the Business Center "l’Espace Entreprise" of Montpellier is here to accompany you with a sole moto:
Succeed Together .

Depatment Business Center

Because your needs are wide and require mutiple responses the Business Center
" l’Espace Entreprise" of Montpellier has developped four departments of competence.