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Case 1 : Mister C is a buiding contractor, constantly, he is constantly on his construction sites and he is spending veryfew time at is officebased in his home. When he have to realise a quote for a new market he just have to giv a call to the Management Assistance Service by specifying the characteristics of the quotes (product, quantity, price) which are sent within an hour to the fax number and/or the email adress of the recipient of the document.

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Case 2  : For the management of his invoices Mister C Pour ses factures également Monsieur C is also using the Management Assistance service. When a project or a service is delivered he is contacting the Management Assistance by phone and the invoice is edited and sent within an hour to the client by fax and/or email.


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Case 3 : Finally the Management Assistance service will take in charge the credit control of the payment of the invoices. Mister will keep informed the service of the state of the of the payments realised. Otherwise the service will provide reminders to the clients to obtain payment in the shortest time possible.