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Case 1 : C is a company specialized in Climate Engineering. Within its brand new building the company has a 50m² meeting room and a 30m² training room. The first one is used only 2 or 3 times a month and the seondonly a week per month. The Management would like to have a return on its investment by renting its room to outside firms.

  • rental


    Offices and meeting and training rooms rental services.

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Case 2  : The training center F has a training room of around hundred m² but the activity of the company has moved to individual or onsite trainings and it does not use the room anymore. However the manager would like to optimize the use of this room and is looking forward for solution to rent it.
  • Reservation
    meeting rooms

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Case 3 : The company L following a company's downsizing has a full floor available including some offices and a large meeting room. In order to face the financial difficulties of the company the managers would like to generate incomes from this free space.