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Case 1 : The swedish company V, which must install a call center on the french territory at the request of one of its clients, foes not have any knowledge of the french system and the type of structure the most adapted to its activity to choose. The support provided by the Business Location Service from "L'Espace Entreprise" will allow it to provide taylored to the specific needs of the Company.

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    Business Center
    L’Espace Entreprise
    of Montpellier

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Case 2  : The company I wish to open an agency on the Montpellier area and needs to find the most adapted premises to its research but also sale activity. The Business Location Service will allow it to find the best solutions and premises the closest form its needs.

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    Management Assistance, secretariat, management advices, …

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Case 3 : The british company O, specialised in software development, wishes to develop its activity in Montpellier in order to beneficiate from the local environment promoting the innovative initiatives and the local skilled workforce adapted to its needs. Besides the choice and the creation of its local structure this SME will need support in the recruitment process of its future local employees,including the screening of potential candidates.