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Case 1 : Mister F has a comodties trading business he is dealing with correspondent around the world and he is traveling a lot. He needs to access at any time and from anywhere his calls and faxes.

  • management


    Business Center
    L’Espace Entreprise
    of Montpellier

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Case 2  : Mister B is running a consultant firm helping companies wishing to produce their products in China and to find local producers. Always on the move between France and China he eeds to organise web and videoconferences between his french and chinese clients.


    Management Assistance, secretariat, Management advice, …

cas pratique pack Light
Case 3 : Mrs C has a company of home cares. She is constantly spammed by advertising faxes and would like to reduce this annoyance and to reduce her consumption of the paper and the consumables of her faxing machine. For this she will use the Fax to Mail service which wil allow her to delete the unsolicited faxes and to print only the one of any interest for her.