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Case 1 : Maître B is a lawyer and his renting an office in a lawyer practice of Montpellier. His contract does not include the telephone reception of his own clients. He needs a telephone reception that can process 4 to 5 calls a day. his need is not big enough to justify the recruitment of a full time persons.

  • management


    Business Center
    L’Espace Entreprise
    of Montpellier

    Management Assistance, secretariat, Management advice, …

cas pratique pack Light
Case 2  : The company C is selling parapharmaceutical products. The company wishes to develop its sales network by conducting a qualification of files containing 400 contacts but the company is composed of only two partners who have also other activities.


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Case 3 : Mister P is a forestry and agricultural contractor it is very difficult to join him as he is constantly on his working sites operating noisy machines. He needs a telephone reception allowing him to have a reliable reception of the incoming calls from his suppliers, partners, clients, etc.