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Case 1 : The company A is specialized in corporate real estate and wishes to promote a project from which it had just obtained the lease term. Because of the particular nature of the properties offered ( individual office units of 15m²) the company would like to make a mailing campaign adressed to the Professionals who may be interested by this conceptt. For this campaign the company will need a full support in order to identify the potential targets on a defined zone, defining the number of mail to send (1,000 in this case), the printing of abels, stamping and deposit at the post office.

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    L’Espace Entreprise
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Case 2  : The weekly paper G is distributed at local level and by subscription only. In this case it is a very special demanding routing necessiting an adressing of 2,000 copies according to the postcode and the city. The editor will eed a provider able torealize this task efficiently and rapidly because it is a weekly mailing demanding a very good reactivity.

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