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Case 1 : Mister J is the owner of a Home Services Business. Because he does not have the permission from his landlord to domiciliate his company in his flat, he can do it at the Business Center "L’Espace Entreprises" of Montpellier where he will register the official adress of his company and his mail will be received and managed.

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Case 2 : Miss B has created a concierge services business, she does not need any permanent office but she needs to own an adress at the heart of the main business district of Montpellier because it is where are situated most of her clients and prospects.


    Business Center
    L’Espace Entreprise
    of Montpellier

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Case 3 : Mrs P. has a communication agency in the hinterland at about 40 kms from Montpellier. Her office and its location are perfectly corresponding to her philosophy. Despite that she would like to increase her visibility on the Greater Montpellier area including on the yellow pages. To achieve that the Low Cost Domiciliation solution offered by the Business Center "L'Espace Entreprises" of Montpellier will be perfect for this need.

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Case 4 : Mister R is managing an industrial cleaning company situated in another city of the area. He would like to developp his activity on the Montpellier's market and to be able of answer to the tenders from the local governement. To increase its chances he wants to have an adress on the Montpellier area without necessarily taking any additional office.

    pack light

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Case 5 : Maître D, is a lawyer working for different foreign SMEs wishing to develop their activities locally. He is in charge to set up local representations and trade offices. The solutions offered by the Pack Light is perfect for its needs as it is providing a very good adress in a high profile business district close to the main distribution channels of Southern Europe.

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