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Case 1 : The italian company X has decided to increase its presence locally by installing a permanent trade representation on the french territory, which reprsentation will be held by two sales representatives.

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    Business Center
    L’Espace Entreprise
    of Montpellier

    Offices and meeting and training rooms rental.

cas pratique pack Light
Case 2 : Mister V is an independant property developper. For his activity he needs an office where he can work comfortably while holding meetings with various stakeholders on the differents projects.

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Case 3 : The company P is a trading company specialized in energy locally composed of 4 people working by phone and internet in a mini open space.

cas pratique pack Light
Cas 4  : Mister V is a legal expert who is working with his companion who is also his assistant. He needs an office with 2 desks where he can received his clients.